Why Choose a Monthly Special?

We offer specials for both leasing and financing, allowing you to find the option that is best suited for your budget and driving needs. For those who are interested in long-term savings and ownership benefits, our finance specials could be right for you. We provide finance specials for new vehicles that keep rates low and down payments to a minimum.

Some of the top Subaru models that we offer specials for include:

Lease Specials

Many Plant City drivers choose to our lease specials for the affordable monthly payments and easier access to the latest features and capabilities. Since one of the most significant costs of leasing is the depreciation of the vehicle during your term, you don't need to worry about paying off the entire cost of the vehicle. Some common vehicles we offer lease specials on are:

Another advantage of our lease specials is the ease of transitioning to a new vehicle. Instead of spending time trying to find a buyer or haggling for a fair trade-in price, you can simply drop your vehicle off at our dealership and wrap up any end-of-term paperwork in no time. After that, you are free to lease your next vehicle.

Some of the benefits of our new lease specials include:

  • Lower sales cost
  • Warranty coverage during your term
  • Transition to the latest models every two to three years

Take Advantage of Our Monthly Specials near Lake Wales

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