Should You Buy or Lease Your Next New Subaru?

At Cannon Subaru, we want to make buying or leasing the new Subaru model of your dreams easier and more enjoyable than ever before, and part of that involves helping you pick out the best finance or lease plan for you! Once you decide on a vehicle, the next step is looking through your different payment options and building a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. Both buying and leasing a new Subaru vehicle offer terrific benefits, but they differ greatly from each other. To help make your decision easier on you, we're going to highlight some of the benefits that both buying and leasing a new vehicle can provide to you.

Why Should I Finance a New Vehicle?

To put it simply, when you finance a new vehicle, you're paying to own it. When you own your vehicle, you can do with it as you please, including having the freedom to customize it, choose when you have it serviced and drive it wherever you want. Another benefit of owning your vehicle is you don't have to worry about mileage restrictions. When you lease, you'll likely be held to a certain number of miles that you can put on the odometer every year. That's why for people that drive a lot, buying a vehicle makes more sense. When you're ready to move on from your vehicle and upgrade to something newer or nicer, you can decide when, where and for how much you want to sell your vehicle.

Why Should I Lease a New Vehicle

When you lease a vehicle, you're only paying for it for the amount of time that the lease is for, meaning that you'll pay less every month than if you bought the vehicle. Leasing is a good option for someone who doesn't want to commit to a long term vehicle, as you get the freedom of choosing a new vehicle every time your lease is up. You also don't have to worry about routine maintenance appointments and such because your vehicle is likely covered by the factory warranty for the entirety that you own it.

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