Should You Buy or Lease Your Next New Subaru?


Here at Cannon Subaru, we know plenty of us are looking to head out and enjoy the summer on vacation, or simply having many weekend excursions throughout Central Florida. The Subaru brand certainly is a good choice when it comes to packing up your stuff and headed out on the open road, but we have some general summer driving tips that will help everyone enjoy and maximize their vehicle performance.

One very important thing to do before you head out on any long journey in your Subaru is to check with us here at our service center to ensure that all your maintenance is up to date. We're talking about having your oil and filters changed if need be, tires rotated and wheels aligned, or if you need us to do a multi-point inspection, we're here to do that as well. Having a vehicle with updated service will give you the peace of mind you want knowing your vehicle has been looked at, and that regular service means a longer lasting car, too.

Along with that, you should be prepared in case something does go wrong, and that includes a basic roadside assistance kit, with a flashlight, reflector light, and some tools, along with a first-aid kit. You just want to be prepared.

Along with that, some general rules of thumb include making sure that child safety seats are properly installed, and to never ever leave children, pets, or anyone else in a hot car, because that's dangerous and never worth the risk.

So, as you travel to destinations like Disney, Universal, and everything in between, getting there by being safe and aware, and in a safe vehicle like a new Subaru will provide you with lots of fun. To learn more about all our models, stop in and see us today. We'd be happy to discuss Subaru vehicles here in our Lakeland, FL showroom, and arrange a test drive.

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